International Congress on Energy Security - 4>5 April 2012

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Energy Efficiency: : the first fuel

For many years, the safety of energy supplies has been one of the major energy issues as has been established also in 2012.

This led analysts, economists and strategists to focus on the characterization of uncertainties concerning energy, starting from the identification of obstacles in the race for energy, such as prices, the pressures of international organizations, climate change, the issue of Russian gas, new pipelines, and unconventional exploration as well as geopolitics and geostrategic policies.

Moreover, the debate covered the role of political crises and their impact on energy markets, and the vulnerability of developed, emerging or developing countries to these crises that affect supply prospects.

The reflections have shown that if crisis strongly affect different countries separately, they also affect the various geopolitical groups.

These elements outline the context of the 2nd International Congress on Energy Security for deepening the reflection and explore possible solutions.

photo_congres_international 2012
photo_congres_international 2012
photo_congres_international 2012
Objectives of the congress

• How to reduce power consumption?
• What are the multiple benefits of energy efficiency?
• How do we quantify energy use and the contribution/impact of energy efficiency?
• How are markets themselves evolving for the different energy efficiency applications? In short, what are the market trends for lighting, appliances, ICT, mobility and building efficiency?
• What is the impact of energy efficiency on total final consumption of energy
• How to reduce power consumption?
• How to determine development priorities and policies?
• What are the offers that contribute to development and new equipment manufacturing?
• How to integrate energy efficiency in industrial sectors (oil and gas, food processing, chemicals, transportation, water, etc.)? • How to develop sensors and software for energy management?
• How to set up systems for energy management?
• What are the difficulties in financing energy efficiency programs

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